Lucky To Be In Local SEO!

I was talking to a young Local SEO type, a kid in his mid-30s, who was lamenting that his new gig at some dysfunctional digital marketing company sucked and he didn’t want to stick around but he, and most notably, his wife, were scared at the prospect of leaving a job so soon and what would interviewers think of that, etc.

My response was basically “If you are unhappy in your job and you don’t want to try to improve the situation, then why spend any more time than you have to there? There’s a huge shortage in skilled people who actually like doing digital marketing and most employers would be glad to have you as long as you’re not a founder of ISIS.”

Sometimes when our business has a minor setback my mind wanders to pessimistic scenarios. But it doesn’t take long to remember that the combination of Local + SEO is the Peanut Butter + Chocolate of professions. We are in a constantly evolving and expanding industry and for those who choose to evolve along with it, there will be a lot of opportunity.

That same day I had a great call with a tool vendor and was asking him how he felt about some snark a competitor had been throwing his way. “I said to the guy ‘Why do you want to lead with that?” he told me, “Don’t you want your message to be about how great you are? We are in an expanding market with more than enough business for everyone. Part of our jobs should be to help each other grow the market even more.”

While this blog does not support collusion, we do support the optimism baked into that statement. We are all lucky to be in this business.


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