How do I respond to Negative / Positive Company Reviews Online?

To respond to a page review for the whole world to see, consider the following:
  • Would you describe your culture as fun or formal? This changes the tone of your response drastically. “Hey There! vs Good afternoon, <name>”. Generally the more trust your customer places in you, and your professional ability the more formal your tone should be. For example you wouldn’t want to see your prospective dentist respond to a negative review with “Opps, my bad.”
  • Do you have a loyalty program new customers should be aware of? Positive reviews are a great opportunity to introduce social media fans your loyalty program or fan club. “Hey, we are glad you like our product! Join our fan club for special offers, and savings”
  • Do you have a return, refund, or discount policy? These are a lifesaver when responding to negative reviews about your product or service. “Hi, @name we are sad to hear you don’t like this product, if you still have your receipt and it has been less than 90 days please return it and we will find one that is right for you!”

Step 1: Respond to Negative Reviews.

Before you respond to a negative listing review, consider its validity. If you are a small to medium sized business, odds are there is some truth behind the reviewer’s statement, no matter how exaggerated. Remember not to take negative reviews personally, and when responding be sure to:
  • Reply in a timely manner.
  • Responses should be brief and professional.
  • Show compassion for their viewpoint, and offer a resolution if the negative review is valid.
  • Try to continue the conversation offline.
    • Review: This product is awful, I am allergic to its ingredients! @companyname is the worst.
    • Response: Hi Reviewer, we are so sorry to hear you cannot enjoy our product. We have been working hard on an allergen free version. Please reach out to @companyemail, we would love to make it up to you! – Company Team.

Step 2: Respond to Positive Reviews.

This is your chance to have fun, and turn some happy customers into brand ambassadors. When responding to a positive review, remember:
  • Always be grateful for their praise
  • Emphasize the positive message
  • Continue the conversation by asking a question
    • Review: I love this product, feature 1 is a lifesaver! 10/10 would recommend.
    • Response: Thanks Reviewer, we love that you love our product! The team will be happy to hear their hard work on feature 1 is paying off 🙂 Is there anything else that could make our product even better for you? Let us know @companyemail – Thanks again.

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