How do I get my Business Listed on Foursquare?

Step 1: Submit Business Info to Foursquare.

  • Go to and click signup to Create an account.
  • Go to
    • Search for your business, and select “cant find place, add listing.”
  • Add your place to foursquare
    • Enter info: Company Name, Address, Cross Street , City, Province / State, Postal Code, Country,
    • This place is inside another place, answer yes or no.
    • Adjust the pin on the map so it is over the front door of your place.
    • Add your Twitter handle (if available).
    • Select your business category.
    • This place is a private venue, answer yes or no.
    • Click Save
IMPORTANT NOTE: All business added to Foursquare for free are reviewed and published by site moderators. Free listings will take some time to appear online. If you are working on behalf of a business, show progress by taking a screen shot of listing submission thank you page, and share it with the business owner with a message stating “Your Foursquare listing has been submitted, it is pending moderator review before being published.”
Once Foursquare moderators publish your submission, send the link to the owner to check out.

How to Claim your Place on Foursquare.

After adding your place to foursquare, you can now claim it. Note: To claim a place you must pay a one time fee of $20 USD.
  • Search for, and select your Company (added to the foursquare database in Step 3)
  • Check box “I’m the owner”, and click “get started.”
    • Add a contact and billing details – Foursquare listings cost $20 USD for companies outside of the U.S.
  • Foursquare team will follow up to complete the claim process, and give you a login so you can manage your listing.

How to Fix / Update a Foursquare Business Listing

If your business Foursquare listing has been claimed, then get login access to the account, and update the business information manually. If not, then you need to create a user account and suggest an update (need to be reviewed by foursquare moderators before updating).
  • Create a Foursquare user account.
  • Search for and select your business on Foursquare’s homepage search bar.
  • Select the “suggest an edit” button at the top of the profile.
    • Update all inaccurate information.
    • Add any missing information.
    • Click submit.
Important Note: If you are updating Foursquare on behalf of a business, you can show the listing progress while you wait for moderators to publish your requested changes. Take a screenshot of the thank you message, share it with the business owner, and state “Your updated business info has been submitted to Foursquare, and pending moderator approval prior to publishing.”

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