Blogging For Your Brand: How Ruffwear Connects to Its Canine Community


In charge of your company’s blog and looking for post ideas? Take your cue from Ruffwear, a maker of performance gear and adventure apparel for dogs — like harnesses, packs, and boots. (Yes, dog boots.) The company’s blog, Ruffwear Explored, strikes a great balance between highlighting its products and sharing stories from the community — a good example of promoting a brand through relevant storytelling. Here’s how they blog effectively as a business.

Promoting dog gear with high-quality photography

The blog’s sports and outdoor adventure photography showcases not just the Ruffwear brand, but its customers: both canines and their human companions. The images tell success stories while highlighting Ruffwear’s products — spandex gear with cooling technology, Vibram rubber boots, and float coats — in effective, unobtrusive ways.

Photo by Ruffwear Explored

Presenting stories from real customers

On the Share Your Story page, Ruffwear encourages readers to get in…

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