Top 9 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffics

The most important problem every business owner and blogger face is website traffic. In this post, I am going share Top 9 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffics.

1. Write content that solves readers problems

Most of the bloggers suggest to write long descriptive content for increasing traffic which is indeed a nice suggestion but I would also recommend to write contents that solve people’s problem, and especially write on those issues which solutions are either not available yet on the internet or not a good solution is there.

If you start writing such posts, you will see immense growth in traffic of your blog because when you offer something that solves issues for free, why don’t people visit your blog then?

This why, you must write content that solves problems and also if you write in a good way by proper illustrations, it would be even better.

2. Write Catchy Headlines

Even if your content get found in search engines, it’s the headline that grabs audience’s attention, and they click. Be aware that not only your content will come on the search pages, but there will be 9 other results as well, and a user may click on any one. To make sure the audience clicks on your blog post, write attention grabbing headlines.

If you have such headlines, chances are more that you get more clicks, and hence the traffic increases to your blog.Therefore you must consider writing catchy headlines for your each and every article.

3. Promote Your Site on Social Media

Promoting your content on social media guarantees you a good chunk of traffic because the nowadays, most of the internet users do hang out on some social media sites. To be exact, Facebook and Twitter are the best places to share your blog post to get some views and reach more people. Also, you can try out Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google+, etc. to share your blog post.

Collectively, you will get a good number of traffic from all these social sites.

4. Comment on Similar Blogs

Referral traffic is good because you get more engagement from it. Blog commenting is one of such ways that offers you a good amount of referral traffic, and that too is targeted, and hence better engagement.

Make a schedule of posting at least 5 comments on blogs in your niche every day. Make sure you read the blog posts before you comment, and write comments that add value to the posts. Don’t just write 1-liner for the sake of getting links and traffic .

5. Share Free e-book

IF you have written some e-books, giveaway one of them for free on your blog. Do a little bit of promotion of this free offer, and you will see traffic starts flowing on your blog.

If it is possible, you can offer at least one valuable stuff free on your blog; your traffic will be increasing gradually.Giveaway is indeed the great idea for improving traffic in a genuine way.

6. Optimize your site (SEO)

While writing great content keeping people’s problem in mind is great, you must take care of keywords because until you include the keywords which people search for finding information, how your content will be found in the search?

You can use Google AdWords keyword tool or Long Tai Pro for keyword research.So, always do proper keyword research to find out some good and profitable keywords, and then include them in your content keeping all on page SEO in the mind.

Also, try to build some natural backlinks to your posts to give them a boost in search ranking.You cannot miss SEO when you are thinking about traffic. You must need to optimize your blog posts well for search engines as well as humans in order to get traffic.

7. Try Email Marketing

Building an email list is very important, and sending them your new blog posts in form of newsletter is one of the best strategies to increase your blog traffic.

As I mentioned earlier that you should run giveaways to increase traffic , you can collect email address of the participants as well whom you can send emails. Also, display subscription forms on your blog prominently to increase subscribers.

As the number of subscribers will increase, your blog traffic will increase as well as you will be sending them the new blog updates.

8. Reverse Engineer Competitors Site

There might be many blogs out there which you consider as your competitors, and few of them are really performing well in terms of traffic and earning.

Do understand the whole process of that blog, analyse the content, backlinks, promotion strategies, and everything. Now, start implementing the same or even little better on your blog, and analyse the improvement on your blog.

I am sure if you can analyze a blog well, you can beat the competition, and increase your blog traffic.

9. Write on Other Blogs (Guest Blogging)

Guest blogging is very effective in terms of branding and referral traffic. All You need to find the blogs with a good amount of traffic, and then reach out to them with guest posting offer.

Guest blogging is proven the way of increasing targeted traffic and audience as well.


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